7 Tips On How To Identify Genuine Rolex Watches

Are you planning to buy a Rolex watch? Many people are dealing in Rolex watches these days and it is very difficult to differentiate between the genuine sellers and the not-so-genuine ones. Here are some tips on how to identify genuine Rolex watches.

  • Clear casebacks: Check the caseback of the watch. If the caseback is clear or skeleton type, enabling you to view the inner mechanism of the watch, then you can be sure that it is a fake Rolex watch. Rolex does not make watches with clear casebacks.
  •  Engraved casebacks: Rolex watches do not have engravings of logo or designs on casebacks. Genuine Rolex watches have a smooth caseback. If you see engravings on the caseback of a Rolex watch, then most probably it is a spurious one. The rare exceptions to this rule are the ladies’ models manufactured before the 1990s and the Sea-Dweller.
  • Hologram stickers: Genuine Rolex watches come with a 3D hologram-encoded sticker featuring the trademark Rolex crown placed above case reference number on the caseback. Moreover, when you view the hologram from different angles, you can easily see the background pattern change. There will not be any pattern change in the stickers used by most counterfeit models. The crown logo was included in the hologram only after 2002. Along with this change, the color of the reference number was changed to black, as it is now, from gold.
  • Date magnification: All Rolex watches, except the Sea-Dweller, have a cyclops or glass bubble, with a magnification factor of 2.5, attached to the crystal and positioned over the date. Generally, the counterfeit models come with glass bubbles that have a magnification factor of 1.5.
  • Triplock crown seal: Authentic Rolex models that feature the Triplock crown including Submariner, Sea-Dweller and Daytona have an extra seal within the threads of the winding crown’s tube resembling a black o-ring. The counterfeit models do not have this feature. The Triplock crown can be identified by the 3 tiny dots positioned under the trademark logo engraved on the end on the winding crown.
  • Dial Markings: If you view the dial of the spurious Rolex watches, you will notice that the markings lack clarity and are not spaced properly. They may not also use the correct font size and the appropriate shape. This is applicable to hour and minute indexes as well. If you look at the outer edge of the dials of genuine Rolex watches from an angle, you will notice that the outer edge has the same look as that of the entire case.
  • Serial and case reference numbers: This is probably the most accurate way of identifying “genuine Rolex watches”.  These numbers are finely engraved on the side of the case between the lugs. Some counterfeit models may feature a sandy acid etched appearance. Most counterfeit Rolex watches carry incorrect case reference or serial numbers. In low-level replicas, you may not find any numbers.

Summarizing, if you are not buying a Rolex watch from an exclusive Rolex retailer, it is important that you verify the key aspects mentioned above and establish the authenticity of the watch. You can also seek the help of people who are experts in identifying genuine Rolex watches.

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